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  • Cesaire, Aime; Pinkham, Joan (MONTHLY REVIEW PRESS, 1995)
    Aime Cesaire's Discourse on Colonialism might be best described as a declaration of war. I would almost call it a "third world manifesto," but hesitate because it is primarily a polemic against the old order bereft of ...
  • NORTON, PETER (McGraw-Hill Education, 2006)
    In basic terms, a computer is an electronic device that processes data, converting it into information that is useful to people. Any computer—regardless of its type—is controlled by programmed instructions, which give ...
  • J ACOBS, F . R OBERT; C HASE, R I CHARD B . (McGraw-Hill Education, 2006)
    Operations and supply chain management (OSCM) is a key element in the improvement in productivity in business around the world. Establishing a competitive advantage through operations requires an understanding of how the ...
  • Boyd, Denise; Bee, Helen (PEARSON EDUCATION LIMITED, 2015)
    VISION In addition to presbyopia (farsightedness), late adulthood can bring other vision defects due to body changes. For example, blood flow to the eye decreases (perhaps as a side effect of atherosclerosis), which ...
  • Atrill, Peter; McLaney, Eddie (PEARSON EDUCATION LIMITED, 1999)
    The main focus of the text is on the ways in which financial statements and information can improve the quality of decision making. To ensure that readers understand the practical implications of the subject, there are,

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