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    Business buyers usually face more complex buying decisions. The business buying process is more formalized. In business buying, buyers and sellers work more closely together and build close long-term relationships
  • BLAMIRES, HARRY (Routledge, 1974)
    This work of introduction is designed to escort the reader through some six centuries of English literature. It begins in the fourteenth century at the point at which the language written in our country is recognizably our own
  • Sophocles (Chelsea House Publishers, 2007)
    My introduction emphasizes the guiltlessness of Oedipus and, by Sophoclean extension, of most of us. Thomas De Quincey said that the true answer to the riddle of the sphinx was not Man, but Oedipus himself.
  • CARTER, RONALD; McRAE, JOHN (Routledge, 1997)
    Literary canons – that sequence or sequences of interlinked works that create our sense of a significant, continuous national, international or generic tradition – may shift and come under challenge
  • Bassnett, Susan; Trivedi, Harish (Routledge, 1999)
    Once upon a time, in the sixteenth century, in what is now Brazil, members of the Tupinambà tribe devoured a Catholic priest. This act sent shudders of horror through Portugal and Spain

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