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  • Belch, George E.; Belch, Michael A. (The McGraw−Hill, 2019-03-05)
    the field of advertising and promotion continues to dramatically change since the dominant days of high-powered Madison Avenue agencies, marketers must look beyond traditional media in order to achieve success. In order ...
  • Lammle, Todd; Lammle, Todd (Sybex, 2018-11-14)
    Welcome to the exciting world of Cisco certification! You have picked up this book because you want something better—namely, a better job with more satisfaction. Rest assured that you have made a good decision. Cisco ...
  • Gibbs, J. Willard; Wilson, Edwin Bidwell (University Press, 1901)
    This book have written on vector analysis, a text-book for the use of students of mathematics and physicsas, founded upon the lectures of J. Willard Gibbs. by Gibbs, J. Willard (1839-1903).
  • Hamlin, A. D. F. (Longman, Green, 1909)
    The aim of this work has been to sketch the various periods and styles of architecture with the broadest possible strokes, and to mention, with such brief characterization as seemed permissible or necessary, the most ...
  • Wagner, Otto (The Getty Center for the History of Art and The Humanities, 1988)

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